We regard ourselves among the technology leaders worldwide in the field of infrared heating foils. Especially with our partners we are able to realise special developments for (almost) any requirements and demands (shape, geometry, temperature, direct and alternating current, etc.).
Infrared heating foils that can be operated with 12V/24V/42V/230V are characterized by low energy consumption and fast and targeted heating.
We can offer a quick and clean realisation of projects due to manufacturing partners in China and Europe.
In addition, the expertise of printenergy lies in the processing of these aluminium foils, e.g. contacting and soldering.
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  • Performance stability on the basis of aluminum and PET, not fault-prone and especially long-lasting
  • Serial product in a reel-to-reel process
  • Top technical solution and best economic offer on the market
  • Available in all shapes and performance classes
  • Suitable for special applications
  • Heating temperature from 15°C to >100°C
  • Foil width from 0.5 mm to 1.5 mm
  • Operation with both direct or alternating current
  • Simple contacting by soldering or crimping
  • Particularly suitable for the production of flexible curcuit boards
  • Current application in industry, heating units, wall heating, underfloor heating, etc.